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Writing mentor packages

You know in your soul you’re a writer. You can feel it in your bones. But you don’t know how to write a book.

You’ve got well-thumbed copies of Writing Down The Bones, The Artist’s Way and Big Magic on your bookshelves. 


They speak to you, hinting at the creative life you want. 


So you sign up to Nanowrimo every year, full of new-year optimism that this will be the year you take steps to writing a book. And finish it.


But you’re feeling guilty by February. Then totally frustrated by March, knocked off course again and nowhere near your 1000-words-a-day target. 


Or perhaps you’ve got to the stage of submitting your first manuscript. Fizzing with excitement and daring to dream of getting published...


... only to get feedback so soul-crushing (or complete crickets in your inbox) that it feels worse than the time someone told you you “weren’t creative” at school. 

Well, first of all: please know that writing a book is really hard. And self-doubt, false starts and setbacks are, unfortunately, par for the course.


You’ve probably told yourself “authors don't look or sound like me.” 


Or that you can’t possibly write what you want to write about because your friends and family will hate you (or, even worse, laugh at you!).

But the publishing industry needs new voices. It needs bold voices like yours to keep it fresh, exciting and diverse.


The only way to finish a book is to go through those doubts, fallow periods and setbacks.


And often that takes two. Which is exactly where the ScribbleCreate writing mentor packages come in.


No more losing steam, losing momentum or giving up! Whether you’ve got a kernel of an idea or the first few chapters, we can work together to bring your beautiful book to fruition.

Unravel the Scribble packages

Scribble it down

Three short, sharp writing mentor sessions to develop an exciting book idea.

Scribble a plan

Plan your novel, so you can finally start writing it!

Scribble a first draft

Write a first draft in just 12 weeks. *VERY LIMITED PLACES + waiting list*

Interested in working with me but need something a little different? Get in touch at

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