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Scribble A Plan

Stop googling “how to write a book” or “how to plan a novel” and develop your fantastic idea into a fully formed book plan.

Your idea’s absolutely *chef’s kiss* fabulous. You know it is. It gets you excited just to think about it. 


You can picture every character, every key setting, even the opening lines.


So why does getting started feel so hard?


You, my friend, need a plan. Which is precisely what this package delivers.


Over six weeks, we’ll work together to tease out the plot twists, nail your story arc and completely choreograph your lead character’s every move, until you’ve got a novel planned from beginning to end.


This package is perfect for you if:


  • You have a vague, unformed book idea but you’re totally stuck when it comes to the writing bit. What’s a story arc? How do you write an outline? What the hell is a pinch point and how do you develop a narrative? You want to plan it out with an experienced editor.


  • You’ve always wanted to write a book but you don’t know where to start with plot, setting and characterisation. 


  • Ideas aren’t the problem – you have tonnes! But you’re finding it hard to settle on just one, so it’s holding you back from starting.


  • You’d like to be published in the traditional route, or to self-publish, but you haven’t decided yet.


  • You’re an entrepreneur or content writer but want to put your ideas into book form.


  • You’d love (and, if you’re honest, probably need) week-by-week accountability to develop your idea.


  • Your idea is a book for adults (novels, non-fiction, biographies) or children’s middle-grade or YA.


This package isn’t for you if:

  • You’ve already written your whole book and want feedback 

  • You’ve already written some of your book and want feedback (I created Scribble A First Draft for you!) 


This package consists of: 

• 6 x 1 hour Zoom sessions over six consecutive weeks.

• 15 minutes email support each week to keep the momentum going outside coaching sessions.

• Clear, honest, friendly and constructive feedback on your writing throughout. 

• Scribble query letter template for publishers (AKA insider tips on how to write a book proposal).


Price: £2,748

3-month payment plan available.

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