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Scribble It Down

Three short, sharp writing mentor sessions to turn notebook scribbles into an exciting book idea.

I see you, with your iPhone notes full of random ideas, snippets of conversations and carefully crafted prose written whenever inspiration strikes.


Writing’s a big part of your life – or you’d like it to be. But when it comes to actually getting an idea you love and running with it, there are so many things holding you back.


Sure, the odd poem or short story here and there is better than nothing. But in your heart of hearts, you know it’s a novel you’re itching to write. You just don’t know how.


Through three short, sharp, writing mentor sessions, we’ll tease those ideas into a tangible book idea you’re excited to map out.


This package is for you if:


  • You really want to try writing a book. Even if you’ve never written before! You just need some support and headspace to figure your ideas out.


  • You have a character, setting or genre you’d like to start with, but get stuck every time you try to push the ideas further.


  • You know you can write. But you’re not so confident in your ideas. You’d love some professional support in getting what’s jumbled up in your head into an actual idea you can run with.


  • You want to work on books for adults (novels, non-fiction, biographies) or children’s middle-grade or YA fiction.


This package isn’t for you if:

  • You’ve already written the majority of your book or want direct edits.

  • You’ve got a fully-fledged idea, but it’s the planning that’s holding you back (don’t worry! I think you’ll love the Scribble A Plan package, instead). 


This package consists of:

• 3 x 1 hour Zoom sessions per week over three consecutive weeks.

• 15 minutes email support each week for duration of sessions.

• Clear, honest, friendly and constructive feedback on your writing throughout. 


Price: £1,478

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