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Scribble A First Draft

Write a first draft of your novel in 3 months with one-to-one writing feedback and coaching sessions.

*VERY LIMITED PLACES + waiting list*


You were once totally in love with your novel idea. The initial writing sessions were a giddy flurry of excitement! But that was already months, or even years, ago. 


Since then, you’re either going round in circles, rewriting random passages without making much progress, or not writing at all. 


You’ve hit writer’s block and can’t bear to see your precious idea die. But you know it will do unless you get some accountability and support. Plus, feedback would be super helpful to help you see the wood for the trees. 


You still fantasise about those two magical, little words: THE END.


The good news is: Yes, you can go from that rough manuscript plan to polished first draft in just 12 weeks!


Through dedicated weekly coaching sessions, including feedback and advice on all elements of your novel (from setting and plot to writing your proposal letter), you’ll find the support and accountability you need to make writing your first draft your number one priority. No more false starts!


This package is for you if:

  • You have your book idea, you’ve planned it out and you can’t wait to get writing it.


  • You’ve started your novel manuscript but the writing isn’t as good as you want it to be. You need advice and a bit of a confidence boost to fall back in love with your idea.


  • You need the accountability of regular feedback from an industry expert to make sure you stick to your deadlines (rather than finding any excuse not to sit down and write.)


  • You’ve lost momentum. You still have faith in your novel idea but you’ve hit a roadblock when it comes to improving on what you’ve already got.


  • You have the book planned but are putting off properly getting started. You need external accountability as a push to maintain momentum.


  • You have a deadline that you need to hit.


  • Your book idea is for adults (novels, non-fiction, biographies) or children’s middle-grade or YA.


This package isn’t for you if:


  • You’ve already written your whole book and need full feedback and rewrites. 


  • You’re on draft five of the book and you’ve run out of steam. Some rough chapters are fine, but this is for book plans to first draft only.


  • You can’t commit to 12 weeks of consecutive sessions.


  • You’re writing picture books


What’s included:

  • 12 x consecutive weekly 1 hour Zoom calls 

  • Clear, honest, friendly and constructive feedback on your writing throughout. From setting, to characters and pacing.

  • 15 minutes email support each week to keep momentum going outside coaching sessions

  • Scribble query letter template for publishers (AKA insider tips on how to write a book proposal)


Price from £8,499.

3-month payment plan available.

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