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Yes. You are a writer*

*when life, work, relationships, self-doubt and writer’s block aren’t getting in the way.

The world wants to read your story. 

So please, don’t keep it to yourself. I’m a writing coach on a mission to help you find your voice and become an author through tailored one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

In your dreams you can picture it so clearly…


It’s 8pm. A cosy, low-lit bookstore hums with the buzz of excited voices.


Your friends and family are all there, lukewarm wine and stale crisps in hand. Tables teeter with hardback books. Your name is lettered down every spine, across every cover. You’ve even signed some of them.


Your editor launches into a rousing speech about the book of the year...


...which just so happens to be your debut novel.

The pull you feel to be a writer is so strong there are weeks where it’s all you think about.


(When you’ve had that third glass of wine, it’s all you talk about too…) And yet, you’re still not really, properly, actually writing. 

Sure, you have ideas. Those passages in notebooks and random notes saved on your iPhone. But nothing tangible. There’s still no big, official B-O-O-K.


Because every time you get started, you follow the same pattern: 


Getting up early to steal pockets of time with your new beloved story…


...finding any spare moment you can to sneak off and be with your manuscript again.


Writing, writing, writing.


It’s going so well. You even dare to think maybe, you might, possibly, actually, for the first time… finish a novel!


You’re unstoppable. The words are flowing out of you! Until… just like that… they’re not.


Those horrible voices creep in, filling your head with reasons you’re not good enough. You’re not creative enough. You can’t spell properly. You can’t stick at writing for more than a few weeks. You don’t have the discipline to even finish a first draft.


On and on the list goes…


Meanwhile, the words on the page dwindle to nothing. Your ideas dry up and you convince yourself no one cares what you have to say anyway.


I’m Lou, and trust me: The world wants to hear your story.

But having worked in the publishing industry for over 12 years, I’m painfully aware how difficult it is to get feedback on your work, not to mention how smoke-and-mirrors the book world is when you’re not inside it.


Add to that the technicalities, time commitment and good old dollop of self-doubt that come hand-in-hand with trying to write a novel, and it’s easy to fall off the writing wagon and sideline your dreams of becoming an author.


The thing is, life will always get in the way of your writing if you let it. 


But I want you to get those big, beautiful ideas onto the page. Because I promise you, there’s someone out there who needs to read them.

So I’m here to be your writing coach and wing woman. Let’s get that book written.

About Me


Scribble it down

Know there’s a novel in you, but need a little help teasing it out? 

Let’s sift through those ideas and get you started on your writing journey.

Read More >

Scribble a plan

Develop your book idea into a fully formed novel plan so you can finally start writing it!

Scribble a first draft

Intensive coaching to go from plan (or scribbled first chapters) to first draft in just 12 weeks.

*VERY LIMITED PLACES + waiting list*

Work with me


“Lou helped me create a clear structure for my story, which enabled me to write it. Invaluable.”


“I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Lou on my children’s book. She listened to my idea and asked pointed questions so I could refine it… then helped me create a clear structure for my story, which enabled me to write it.


Once I had written the first draft, she continued to positively and considerately comment on the text, so I was able to edit it confidently, and write a second, third and fourth draft. I was genuinely excited every time I spoke to Lou because she was so positive and encouraging and always had such invaluable advice on how I could improve the story.


I felt extremely supported by Lou during the whole process. She always pushed me to clarify my ideas but never led me in a direction that wasn’t true to my original idea. Invaluable.”

Lucy Tyler

“There are plenty of people who promise to help you write and get published but Lou really is one of a kind.”

Even with experience of the publishing industry, when it came to turning my own idea into a book draft and proposal, I simply couldn't have done it without Lou.


She combines industry-leading experience with such a warm and fun coaching style. There are plenty of people who promise to help you write and get published but Lou really is one of a kind.


I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to stop sitting on their idea and get her support to get it out into the world.

Kim, Business & Career Coach

“Lou gave me the constructive criticism I needed to self publish.”


“As I was self-publishing, the initial support from Lou was vital. I wanted to provide reading material that children can understand, relate to and become excited about.


One-to-one sessions with Lou gave me the necessary constructive criticism I needed in order to get my children’s picture-book manuscript to a successful point.


My characters certainly blossomed with her input. Compost the Cat is the debut book of the series ‘The Adventures of Compost’ and I am hoping to work with Lou again on my next books.”

Nicola Wood, self-published author




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